Classes, Duets and Private Sessions:

Grounded in the traditions of Joseph Pilates, The Pilates Reserve sessions emphasize integrating breath, concentration, precision and control to improve balance and focus.


Mat Classes

Ground yourself in the essentials of Pilates as you develop deep core strength, endurance and control. Mat exercises challenge mobility and stabilization while increasing overall flexibility, strength and mind-body awareness. New clients may be required to take a series of private sessions prior to joining a group class.


Group Reformer and Stability Chair Classes

In this group Pilates session you will improve full body strength, flexibility, balance, stamina and coordination. As you develop deeper mind-body awareness you will master the precision-driven Pilates exercises that yield results, leaving you feeling longer, focused and healthier. Class size is limited to four clients. Pre-registration is required. To maximize your Pilates experience and safety, three private sessions are required prior to taking a group equipment class.


Duet Sessions

Duet sessions utilize the reformer, Pilates tower, stability chair and other equipment to offer a full body conditioning method of exercise. Sessions emphasize form and alignment to strengthen and lengthen the muscles of the body uniformly. You and your duet partner will work closely with your instructor to focus on your specific goals and to help ensure that each exercise is performed to achieve maximum benefit. Two clients are required for duet sessions.


Private Sessions

Private sessions are tailored specifically for your individual needs in order to create a deeper connection that will significantly improve your balance, strength and focus. Through your personalized sessions you will become more in tune with your body, progress more rapidly and achieve the maximum benefits of Pilates. In your private sessions, a variety of equipment will be used including the reformer, Pilates tower, stability chair and other equipment as needed to customize your experience.


*Please contact the studio directly to discuss which session type is right for you and register.